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Specializing in retail sign events and promotions using
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Give your retail business a shot in the arm with a sign sale by Advanced Advertising Promotions. We use signs and sign spinners to bring traffic into your store.

Sign Events For Every Advertising Budget

Since 2008 many retailers have gone under. Advanced Advertising Promotions has developed cost-effective advertising campaigns that are designed to get new traffic into your store now!

Back to Basics

Old Style Human Directional
old-style human directional

We didn't reinvent the wheel, but a round one does work better than a square one. We didn't invent human directionals, we just perfected them.

Now more than ever, retailers are competing fiercely for every single customer they can get. When your television ad fails to generate any traffic to your business because so many people have digital video recorders and no longer watch live TV, maybe it's time for something new, (and old). It's time for a sign event by Advanced Advertising Promotions.

Sign Promotions are effective for several reasons. First, sign events work by creating a "buzz" around your business. And AAP knows how to create a buzz! Your message should be short, direct and to the point with a clear and urgent call to action. Sign promotions motivate sales people. It's happening right there on the spot as opposed to a print ad, direct mail piece or a television commercial that they [sales people] may never see. Smart GM's and GSM's know that excited sales people sell more cars. It's just that simple. Now add a few sign walkers and you'll have a strategy that's sure to improve your bottom line.

Something Old

When your direct mail piece gets lost, and is usually thrown away with the countless other junk mail pieces that we all get in our mail box every single day, it's time for something new (and old).

Door Hangers

A door hanger campaign from AAP generates NEW business. Door hangers are a "stand-alone" piece. They're aren't lost among the other pieces of advertising in your mailbox. Since they're on the doorknob the customer has to remove it and is more likely to actually view it. Read more on door hangers.

Something New

Sometimes a new web site or some updating on the old one will have a huge impact on sales from existing customers as well as new ones.

Web Design and SEO

When your tired old web site no longer drives traffic to your business, maybe it's time for a catchy new web design by Advanced Advertising Promotions. Or maybe you like the look of your web site already but it's just not getting any traffic. Sometimes, a little search engine optimization (SEO) is all that's needed. After all, what good is a nice web site if the search engines don't know it's there? AAP has the skills and the know-how to get your site NOTICED! see more on web design.

Takin' it to the streets...

Advanced Advertising Promotions offers a variety of different ways to get your message out on the street...literally.

Walking Billboards

Street teams wearing our "backpack signs" can mingle with crowds on the street and pass out flyers to interested customers.

Mobile Billboards

Our mobile billboard advertising is unique. A Car Caravan is like your own mobile billboard parade. This one is sure to get their attention! Imagine all the possibilities. More on our car caravans.

In-House Art Department

AAP has it's own in-house creative team to handle your design requirements. We'll design and customize our products to fit your specific creative needs with no additional charges..

For tips, suggestions and recommended sign promotion dates check out our Sign Event Calendar.

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